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Atlantic crossings 2019 Azores to the Netherlands
A once in a lifetime adventure

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24 June - 11 July: Azores (Horta) to the Netherlands (Flushing), 17 days (1840 euro)
Discount available for 2 persons and more. Contact the operator.

Vision and Mission
There comes a time in many sailors' lives when they realize they want to expand their horizons and sail offshore, taking extended cruises or visiting foreign lands. SEAL Expeitions supports those dreams with a comprehensive training program that teaches the skills and methods of offshore sailing during actual ocean passages on a modern, well equipped ocean sailing yacht.
The knowledge gained and first-hand experience allows sailors to become confident and competent, able to sail anywhere they wish. Besides that: it is a lifetime adventure for those sailors that always wanted to experience the look and feel of an ocean.

What we offer 
- Practical sail and seamanship training  during actual ocean passages aboard 60ft Yacht.;
- Seminars and tuition programmes before departure and under sail. These include but are not limited to: voyage routing, meal planning and provisioning, electronic (MaxSea) and chart navigation, radar and AIS, watch schedules and tasks including logbook updates, emergency procedures, sail trim, heavy weather sailing, downloading and monitoring the weather and how to match wind and seas with the ships performance, communications, addressing all sorts of medical problems, cooking and cleaning and much, much more.

This is as comprehensive as it gets, combined with the actual/practical experience of sailing an ocean! And above all: safety will always our number one concern: We will always demonstrate or discuss every aspect of sailing and preparing and undertaking conducting an offshore passage in a way that our crew/passengers/apprenticeships so that our students feel safe and comfortable and once back home feel confident in sailing their own vessels.

Practical Training for Yachtmaster Ocean/Offshore

The ocean crossings offered will also and in addition accommodate the practical exam pre-requisites for Yachtmaster Offshore and Yachtmaster Ocean.

Yachtmaster Offshore practical requirements

  • 50 days, 2,500 miles including at least 5 passages over 60 miles measured along the rhumb line from the port of departure to the destination, acting as skipper for at least two of these passages and including two which have involved overnight passages.
  • 5 Days experience as skipper.
  • At least half this mileage and passages must be conducted in tidal waters.
  • All qualifying sea-time must be within 10 years prior to the exam.

Yachtmaster Ocean practical requirements

After the theory, the practical exam pre-requisites are:

  • RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competence.
  • A GMDSS Short Range Certificate (SRC) or higher grade of marine radio certificate.
  • A valid first aid certificate.

All candidates must have completed a qualifying passage as skipper or mate in sole charge of a watch on a suitable vessel, which meets the following criteria:

  • The candidate was fully involved in the planning of the passage, including selection of the route, the navigational plan, checking the material condition of the vessel and her equipment, storing with spare gear, water and victuals and organising the watch-keeping routine.
  • During the passage a minimum non-stop distance of 600 miles must have been run by the log, the yacht must have been at sea continuously for at least 96 hours and the yacht must have been more than 50 miles from land or charted objects capable of being used for navigation/position fixing while sailing a distance of at least 200 miles.
  • To be eligible as an ocean qualifying passage the distance between departure and arrival points by the shortest navigable route must be more than 600 mile.

ETA and communications

Please note that the ETA’s on these passages is due to wind direction and strength is unpredictable. Also if needed, due to several reason varying to technical problems or on request of the crew, the yacht will enter a port that is not listed in the programme. So be flexible with planning your flights and/or other activities.

Regarding communications the following notes:

- All emergency communications from shore to the yacht and vice versa will be handled by the office that is 24/7 available and has 24/7 contacts with the yacht;
- All social communications like progress of the yacht, happenings during the past 24 hours, crew-stories and some images will be published on the websites of the yacht and the operating company.
- Direct telephone calls between crew and family/relatives/friends will only be possible in emergency situations. The costs need to be paid.
- There will be no Wifi on board.
- Selfies, video, photo’s etc. can be taken by the crew outside the cockpit on open decks only after permission of the skipper who might require certain safety procedures before making of the footage.

What is included

  • Three days of training and passage preparation on board of the yacht;
  • Professional skipper;
  • All meals, coffee, tea and 2 cans of soft drinks per day for the duration of the Crossing;
  • Once every 24 hours a progress update on the website for the beloved ones at home;
  • A Crossroads Ocean Crossing T-shirt;

What is not included

  • Meals and drinks in port;
  • Flights;
  • Transfers;
  • Visa;
Medical and travel insurance (including camera’s, Ipads, laptops, etc


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